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10 Question GeorgeNotFound Quiz

We all know Georgenotfound! He's one of the best YouTubers out there and one of the most interesting too - but how much do you know about him?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 25th 2022

Have you seen all of George's content? Do you know you way through his channel with your eyes closed? Have you seen him put on hundreds of T-Shirts?? You'll need that kind of skill if you want to go far in this quiz! Why not have a go and see how well you know George!?

Georgenotfound | Youtube

What server is George co-founder of?


What circus skill does George know?


What was his cat nicknamed?

Georgenotfound | Youtube

Can George see in colour?

Georgenotfound | Youtube

Which game does George play?


Where is he from?


What group is he part of?

Georgenotfound | Youtube

Who is in the Dream Team?


Which Harry Potter House is he in?


Which Minecraft Championship did he first take part in?

Georgenotfound | Youtube

Uh Oh! You better get back on YouTube and do your research! George is one of the all time greats so a quick re-watch won't do any harm!

Georgenotfound | Youtube

Alright! You definitely know a thing or two about George and his wonderful world! But that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement! Why not try the quiz again and see if you can do better!?

Georgenotfound | Youtube

Epic! What a great score, you must be a Georgenotfound super fan! Maybe you've found him! Well done! DREEEAAAAAM!

Georgenotfound | Youtube

Incredible! With scores like these you may as well be George's BFF! Well done, you scored 100% on this quiz, there's nothing more to say, you're simply the best! Why not try another quiz and see how you do?