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Get a Great Night’s Rest with the 7 Best Sleep Hacks!

We all struggle to get a good sleep occasionally. Here are the seven best tips to help you drop off at night.

1. A hot bath

Your body temperature cooling down after a hot bath can make you feel naturally sleepier. 

2. Nice smells

The smell of lavender has been scientifically proven to help people fall asleep. 

3. Take a deep breath

Breathing slowly and deeply can make you feel more relaxed at night.

4. Screen shutdown

Power down any screens, like your phone and tablet, an hour before bedtime as the brightness of the screens mimic daylight.

5. Reading

Reading a proper book is much healthier than looking at screens at work. 

6. Socks!

Science has proven that wearing socks, and keeping your hands and feet warm, can help you fall asleep better. 

7. Keep it cool

It’s better to have a bedroom that’s not too hot and not too freezing at night. Keep the temperature nice and cool and even.