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Giant Creepy Walking Robots

Aaargh! Massive wind-powered robot centipede things!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  February 26th 2017

Have you heard of Strandbeests?

They're these weird plastic robots invented by Dutch artist Theo Jansen. They're powered entirely by wind, and just walk up and down beaches in a really creepy way.

Strandbeest just means "beach animal"

"Terrifying robot centipede thing" would be more appropriate

Some of them are huge

They don't need food, sleep or electricity and are just going to keep walking forever

Or until they hit a wall or something...

They can go pretty fast when the wind is up

And there's even one made of LEGO!

And a tiiiiiiiiiny one driven by a hamster!

Don't worry, this little fella won't be taking over the world quite yet...