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15 Purr-fect Ginger Cat Facts

Are ginger mogs your favourite? Get your claws into these interesting, cute and fantastically fluffy feline facts!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  April 23rd 2024

There are a lot of cats out there. Big ones, small ones - furry ones and totally bald ones! One of the all-time greats is of course, ginger cats! But why are they ginger? What makes ginger cats special? What famous ginger cats have there been through history? Well if you want to find out the answers to these questions and more - check out this epic list of ginger cat facts!

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1. Gingerness can come out of nowhere!

Ginger cats owe their lovely warm colours to a gene called "MC1R". Genes are too science-y to talk about here (but are very interesting if you want to look it up). Interestingly though, the ginger gene is "recessive". This means that if only the dad or the mum have the gene, their kitten won't be ginger. But when both parents carry it, they stand a chance of having ginger babies! Even if neither mum or dad are actually ginger!

2. But why?

Genes all come down to evolution. Which is also too science-y for here! But in their natural habitats, cats need camouflage to hunt and avoid predators. Ginger fur may have given them an advantage in some places, like grasslands or autumnal forests. It's easy for a ginger cat to blend in with dry shrubs or hide in golden sunlight. Nature is pretty clever, huh?

3. The gingerest breeds

As we already mentioned, whether a cat comes out ginger is all down to it's parents - and it can be quite unexpected! But while ginger cats can be found across various breeds, some, the Abyssinian and American Shorthair breeds are more liklely to be gingers. Breeds like the Maine Coon and Persian can also produce lots of ginger kittens. So if you want ginger kittens, those are a better bet!

4. Hero ginge!

One famous ginger cat, named "Scarlett," was recognised as a hero during a fire in Brooklyn, USA in 1996. She saved her kittens from a burning building, suffering lots of burns in the process. Scarlett's bravery earned her the title of "Cat of the Year" by the ASPCA. Her story was famous all over the world, and she inspired a lot of people! Other cats didn't seem to pay much attention, though!

5. The most famous ginger cat ever?

Garfield: The Movie | 20th Century Fox | John Davis | Peter Hewitt

You might know him - it's Garfield, the big, lazy cat who loves lasagna! He's a ginger cat with a big attitude and an even bigger belly. Garfield's adventures have made him famous everywhere! His sleepiness, dislike of Mondays and the way he winds up his owner clearly makes sense with cat owners - we all know a ginger cat like Garfield!

6. Lucky gingers?

Often, black cats are symbols of bad luck. Or even witchcraft! But in a few places around the world, people think ginger cats bring good luck. In Ireland, some people think of them a bit like little furry four-leaf clovers! In Japan too, ginger cats are seen as lucky charms!

7. They're everywhere

There are ginger genes everywhere you find cats. So that means there are ginger cats everywhere, too! You can find them all over the world, and they're much loved wherever they appear. Although other colours are lovely too! Don't get the wrong end of the stick, black cats!

8. Magic moggys!

There is something magic about cats, and they are often mentioned in ancient myths and legends. Ginger cats are usually considered "good" (sorry agian, black cats) - and were sometimes thought of as having powers to read the future or ward off spirits. What do you think? Maybe the legends are right?

9. They're pretty healthy

Well, ginger cats are about as healthy as other cats! Because unlike pedigree pets like pugs and dachsunds (which can get a lot of health problems because of their kinda weird bodies) - there is no particular health problems that go along with gingerness. You should still make sure you take your cats to the vet regularly though!

10. Ginger cats throughout history

Throughout history, ginger cats have been found in art, literature, and folklore. From ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to modern-day paintings and poems, these glowing mogs have captured the attentions of humans across cultures and generations. Because gingers have always been around - and why wouldn't you draw one? Look how cool they look!

11. They're very popular

Ginger cats often rack up lots of attention on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where their cute antics and good looks get the most possible "aaahs" and "oooohs". Owners love sharing photos and videos of their ginger friends, and some are very talented when it comes to managing these furry celebrities!

12. Bob the Street Cat

Besides Garfield, there have been other famous ginger cats! Bob the Street Cat is a great example. Bob befriended a homeless man called James who was having a really rough time - but they became great friends and their story was turned into a bestselling book and film! James has often said that Bob saved his life!

13. Ginger Cat Day

In recent years, some cat fans have named a day to celebrate ginger cats and raise awareness about their unique qualities. Ginger Cat Appreciation Day, observed on February 22nd, encourages people to share photos, stories, and love for their furry friends. How will you be celebrating this year?

14. Fiery fibs

Despite their popularity, ginger cats are sometimes made out to have certain traits that are down to their colour. It's not true! Many people think ginger cats have fiery personalities - but in reality, a cat's personality is influenced by lots of things, including genetics, upbringing, and just luck. Ginger cats can be just as affectionate, playful, and gentle as cats of any other color.

15. They're members of the family!

Whatever kind of cat you have - ginger or otherwise - they are much loved and loyal friends. Countless humans keep cats as pets, and with good reason! They're fun to have around, nice to stroke, and can bring a whole extra furry dimension to family life. Whatever colour they are!