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Gorilla Tag Trivia Quiz!

Are you a fan of this epic gaming creature feature? Have a swing at our absolutely bananas Gorilla Tag quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 22nd 2024

Have you got a soft spot for these pixellated primates? Test your knowledge of Gorilla Tag - it's (probably) the most fun you can have with virtual gorillas! It's a great game made especially for VR gamers - so what are you hanging around for? Let's test those gorilla skills of yours!

Gorilla Tag | Oculus | Steam

How many gaming modes are there in Gorilla Tag?


In "Infection" - who chases the other gorillas?

Gorilla Tag | Oculus | Steam

In some game modes Rock Monke and Lava Monke both have... what?

4/10 A sad monkey in the jungle

In the "Hunt" game mode, the hunters are all human. True or false?


In the real world, are gorillas monkeys?

6/10 Snow monkeys in a hot spring

What colours are the teams in Paintbrawl?

Gorilla Tag | Oculus | Steam

What map is this?

Gorilla Tag | Oculus | Steam

And which map is this?


Which of these is NOT a real type of gorilla in the game?


How much does the Emperor Nose Butterfly cost?

Gorilla Tag | Oculus | Steam

Yikes! There's lots you don't know about Gorilla Tag! Never mind though - this score is a good reason to have another go at the game and see how much you can swot up. Better luck next time!

Gorilla Tag | Oculus | Steam

Pretty good! This score isn't bad at all! You do know a fair amount about this epic game - but there are still some things you could learn about it! Maybe have another go and see if you can score a little higher next time?

Gorilla Tag | Oculus | Steam

Phew! Nice work! This is a great score! You know loads about Gorilla Tag! Great work! You didn't quite get 100%, which is a bit of a shame. But never mind! We have plenty of other quizzes for you to try and beat this score on!

Gorilla Tag | Oculus | Steam

Wow! Full marks! Very impressive! You nailed this quiz! Well done - 10/10! You can't top this score - but can you match it on a different gaming quiz? We have lots more for you to try!