Gotta Hatch 'Em All

Everyone is getting super EGG-cited for Hatchimals! Here's a handy hatching guide.


These happy-go-lucky guys can be pretty clumsy at times but their awesome hair-styles more than make up for it!

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The bravest of all the Hatchimals, Draggles are full of beans and always up for adventures

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Hatching in the embrace of their magical crystal nests, these enchanted creatures are a rare and majestic beauty. They are only available in certain shops.

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Another one that requires a little tracking down, Bearakeets are Hatchimals with attitude!

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At first, these seem to be energetic and a little manic, like a bug, but after some time, Burtles show they have the strength and wisdom of the mighty turtle!

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Oh look, an egg!

Watch it carefully to see which Hatchimal it has inside

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