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Can You Answer These Greek Mythology Quiz Questions?

Do you know the myths or is it all Greek to you?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Can You Answer These Greek Mythology Quiz Questions?

1/10 Man looking in mirror

Who loved looking at his own reflection? 

2/10 Mermaid on water background

Which creature tries to lure Odysseus from his ship with beautiful singing?

3/10 Man with jetpack

What is Icarus famous for?

4/10 Ancient  Greek woman

Helen of Troy was famously so beautiful that her face could what?

5/10 Maze and monster

Which creature lived in King Minos's maze?

6/10 Man and women in spooky scene

Who was tricked into marrying Hades?

7/10 Donkies

The Witch Circe turns Odysseus men into what animal?

8/10 Carving of Medusa

What happened if you looked into the eyes of the Gorgon Medusa?

9/10 Man flexing on blue background

How many labours did Hercules have to perform?

10/10 Greek mask

Which of these describes the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice? 

Awesome result

Incredible! You're a real Greek myth scholar! You have pleased the gods!

Well done result

Well done, you know loads about Greek myths!

Try again result

Well you're familiar with a few Greek myths, but you could do better! Try again!

Oh no result

Oh no! It's all Greek to you! Never mind, have another go and see what you learn!