Trivia Quiz: Guess the Book From the Cover!

You can't judge a book by its cover - or can you? Find out if you're a mega bookworm by taking this fantastic quiz!

Let's find out if you're a bookworm or not!

Image by Bloomsbury Publishing

Which Harry Potter book is this illustration from?

Image by HarperCollins

Which David Walliams book features this artwork?

Image by HarperCollins

Can you guess the David Baddiel story from this image?

Image by Scholastic

Which Captain Underpants book features this cover?

Image by Faber & Faber

Harry Hill wrote a book about a young stand-up comedian. Can you guess the title from this part of the jacket?

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Image by Young Corgi

What's the title of this Jacqueline Wilson novel?

Image by Penguin Books

Here's part of a Roald Dahl book cover. What's the title?

Image by Pan MacMillan

Claire Fayers won Book of the Year in 2017. What was it called?

Image by Chicken House

What's the name of this Kiran Millwood Hargrave tale?

Image by Random House

What's the name of this Phillip Pullman book?

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