Guess the Celeb from Their Nickname!

These famous faces have some unfamiliar names! Can you tell who's who?

Image by @theroyalfamily | Instagram

What did Prince Harry used to call the Queen?

Image by @hughjackman | Instagram

Hugh Jackman starred in the Greatest Showman. But what nickname did he once have because of his skinny legs?

Image by @liampayne | Instagram

Liam Payne's sister came up with this nickname because he loved scoffing crisps! But what was it?

Image by @daniel9340 | Instagram

Daniel Radcliffe is known to millions as Harry Potter. But what was his nickname when he was little?

Image by @cristiano | Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't like losing footie matches so what nickname did his teammates give him?

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Image by @mariahcarey | Instagram

Mariah Carey is best known for her Christmas songs. But her nickname isn't very Christmassy! What is it?

Image by @arianagrande | Instagram

Everybody has a nickname, even Ariana Grande! She got this one from her grandpa - but what was it?

Image by @selenagomez | Instagram

Selena Gomez's pals didn't get too creative with this nickname! What do you think it could be?

Image by @justinbieber | Instagram

Here's another pal of Selena - it's Justin Bieber! And what was his nickname?

Image by @Oliver_phelps | Instagram

Finally, it's Oliver Phelps, better known as one half of the Weasley twins from Harry Potter. But which nickname was he given to tell him apart from his real life brother?

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