Quiz: Guess the Celebrities from their Merged Faces!

Think you can tell your favourite celebrities apart? Try this super hard quiz to find out if you can!

Who is who is who?

We've blended the faces of all your favourite celebrities together? But can you guess which 2 celebrities have been merged together to make a single, ULTRA CELEBRITY!? Take this quiz and find out!

Guess the merged celebrity!


Easy one to start! Which 2 actresses have we blended together here? They're both magical, but in different ways!


Who are the 2 female pop stars we've blended together here?


Now who's this? They're both funny and loveable (and from Australia!) ❤️


Who's this handsome guy with the toothy grin?


Not sure that these 2 YouTube stars would be happy about their combined hair... But who are they?


Everyone loves Marvel superheroes! But which superheroes make up this person?


These 2 guys are both big name entertainers - but one's from America and the other is from the UK! Who are they?


And who've we mashed up here?


OK, look, yes. It's Voldemort. But who has He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named been mashed up with here?

🤪 Totally Random Question

Which of these Christmas things would you like ideas for or help with?

Answering this question won’t affect your score.


WHO is this vision of loveliness!? I'm in LOVE!


These 2 have had bad blood! But which 2 famous American celebrities are they?


Easy one to finish! Which 2 mushy old orange things have been smushed together here? 

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