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This Guess The Cricketer Quiz Will Bowl You Over!

Can you guess the cricketers by their description in our Guess The Cricketer Quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 22nd 2022
1/10 A cricket bowler throwing a ball into the air

Nicknamed ‘Binga’, this former Australian cricketer is known to be the 2nd fastest bowler of all time!

2/10 A cricket player hitting a ball

This captain of Pakistan is the only player to be a top 3 batsman in ALL cricket formats?

@root66 | Instagram

This England batsman goes by the number 66!


This Australian batting machine was banned from cricket for 12 months for ball tampering!

@jimmyanderson | Instagram

This England wicket-taker has been an epic level bowler for a long time!

6/10 A batsman about to hit a cricket ball

This player is the first fast bowler to captain Australia full time!


This bamboozling spin bowler took the “soduku ball” from the streets of Chennai, India to International Test Cricket!

@jonnybairstow | Instagram

This guy is England’s Wicket Keeper Batsman! Who is he?


This ancient Victorian cricketer is famous for his massive beard!


This Australian is 2022’s top batsman in test cricket!

Out! Stumped by Jonny Bairstow! Your batting is as poor as your knowledge of famous cricketers. Have another go to hit this quiz for six!

One run! A defensive shot leads to a quick single! Not a bad shot! You know your famous cricketers. Try again to hit this cricket quiz for six

Four runs! Your reverse sweep whips the ball across the oval! What a lovely shot! You REALLY know your famous cricketers. Try again to hit this cricket quiz for six!

Six! You smashed the last ball right out of the ground! WHAT A HIT! Why not see if you hit some of our other cricket quizzes for six?