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Football Club Nicknames UK Quiz!

Can you name the Premiership football team by their different nicknames?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 4th 2022

Are you ready?

1/10 Eagles

Which football team are known as The Eagles?

2/10 Cherries

This Dorset team are known as The Cherries. Who are they?

3/10 Magpie

Who are The Magpies better known as?

4/10 Fox

Oh, look. It's a fox! Which football team are associated with this lot?

5/10 Seagulls

Which East Sussex team are known as The Seagulls?

6/10 Yorkshire Terrier

Which team are nicknamed The Terriers?

7/10 Harry Potter
Warner Brothers

This Staffordshire squad are sometimes called The Potters. What's their proper team name?

8/10 Hammer

The Hammers play at London Stadium. Can you tell us their official name?

9/10 Swans

Which football are you most likely to associate with swans? If you get this wrong, we're leaving.

10/10 Pensioners

Sometimes they're called The Blues or even The Pensioners (no, us neither). Which London club are we talking about, comrade?


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Unbelievable, Brian! You must live and breathe all football ever!