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Guess The Football Team Quiz

Footy mad? We'll see about that. Put your soccer skills to the test with this fiendish football quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 13th 2022

If there’s one thing dedicated football fans love more than watching their favourite team in all sorts of weather, it’s a trivia quiz about the beautiful game. 

We could all probably draw our favourite football team’s badge with a blindfold on, but how well do you know the badges of different teams around the world? Not so easy is it? 

In this quiz, we’ve taken 10 of the world’s most iconic team badges and obscured most of their details. It looks like we’re shining a torch on them in the dark, doesn’t it? 

Are you ready to show how well you recognise famous football team badges, even the tiniest glimpse? Good luck!


Which team is this?


And this team?


Which team has this logo?


Go on. Take a guess on this one.


And this cheeky looking bird thing?


Only real footy fans will get this one...*ahem*...


This one is tricky! Which team has this logo?


Ok this should be a bit easier. Can you guess this one?


And this one? Guess now!


And how's about this? was robbed! Oh well - there's always next season. Try again?

Good effort - but you can do better. Try again?

Good work! Back of the net!

GOOoooAaaLLlllAZIO! They think it's all is now!