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Guess The Fortnite Season Quiz!

How well do you know your Fortnite seasons? Take this quiz and impress your squad!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021
1/10 Infinity Gauntlet mode
IGN | YouTube

The Infinity Gauntlet mode was added during which season?

2/10 A Mako glider
Epic Games

In which season could you unlock a Mako glider at level 25?

3/10 Fortnite
Epic Games

Which season is also known as You Better Watch Out?

4/10 Lucky Landing
Epic Games

Which season saw the addition of Lucky Landing?

5/10 Dusty Depot
Epic Games

In which season did a meteor destroy Dusty Depot and left a crater in the ground?

6/10 All Terrain Kart
Epic Game

When was the game's first four person vehicle, the All Terrain Kart, added?

7/10 Snorkel and her pet shark
Epic Games

Which season was the first to introduce pets and music to the game?

8/10 A Fortnite cannon
Epic Games

Which Battle Royale season introduced this cannon to its map?

9/10 Pressure Plant
Epic Games

In which season did the volcano changed to the Pressure Plant?


Mega Mall has replaced Retail Row in which season?

Oh dear
Epic Games

Oh dear! Why not have another go?

Good try!
Epic Games

Good try! This quiz was pretty tough, but you did well!

Great work!
Epic Games

Great work! You know heaps about Fortnite, don't you?

Epic Games

Amazing! You're a Fortnite expert!