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Guess the Fortnite Snowman Skin!

We've given some well-known skins a seasonal makeover - but can you guess their true identity?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021
Epic Games |

Which Fortnite skin has been snowed on here?

Epic Games |

Who's been snowed on in this picture?

Epic Games |

Can you guess the outfit in this picture?

Epic Games |

Which snowy skin is this?


Who's been turned into snow in this picture?

Epic Games |

Can you name the secret snowman?

Epic Games |

Who's been snowed on here?

Epic Games |

Who's been hidden in this snowy scene?

Epic Games |

There's a secret snowman in this picture - any idea who it is?

Epic Games |

Finally, who's been snowed on here?

Oh no! Looks like you got some snow in your eyes! Why not have another go and see if you can get a better score? Or then again, you could just check out some other cool Fortnite stuff instead!

Not bad! Despite the snowy scene, you got a few questions right - and we reckon you could do even better if you buffed up on your Fortnite knowledge by looking at this lot!

Pretty good! In fact, we think you could ace the quiz if you gave it another shot - though you could always treat yourself to a load of Fortnite-style laughs with this lot instead!

Awesome! Nice stuff! You're the Fortnite-snowman spotting champion and everyone knows it! Why not celebrate by checking out these Super Satisfying Snowglobes!