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Guess the Pokémon Quiz!

Who’s that Pokémon? Do you know Pidgey from Zubat? Can you spot the difference between Jigglepuff and Wigglypuff? Test your knowledge with our guess the Pokémon quiz!

Let’s pretend it’s the end of an episode of Pokémon. There’s only one question to answer during the ad break, and that is: WHO ON EARTH IS THAT POKÉMON?

Do you know them all? Well, now’s the time to prove it with our guess the Pokémon quiz. This is just one of our many great Pokémon quizzes.

You’ll have to use your immense knowledge of Pokémon, including rare Pokémon and Pokémon of different types.

Did you know there are 18 types altogether? Of course you did, you’re a total Pokémon expert! There are only 17 questions in this quiz though, so we’re not going to challenge you on every type of Pokémon going. Just some of our favourites!

Ready to answer ’em all? Let’s go!

Who’s That Pokémon?


Whats this sand type Pokemon?


Name that Pokemon!


Who is this? 

4/17 A pokemon

And this? 


What about this gentleman?


This happy blue thing? 


This angry ball? 

8/17 Pokemon quiz

This rock-like snake thing?


This cute surprised face? 


This smart little owl? 

11/17 A dragon type Pokemon

This dragon type chap?


This happy green dude? 


Oh hi! Who is this? 


Oh look there's a rock in the ground. Hang on a minute…


Who is this? 


This vegetable? 


Who is this? 

An infinite amount of Pikachus
Pokémon Company International

Perfect score! You're the master of all Pokémon and deserve an infinite amount of Pikachus!

Professor Oak from Pokémon
Pokémon Company International

Pretty good! You're an Pokémon expert just like Professor Oak!

Ash from Pokémon
Pokémon Company International

Not bad! You're a Pokémon master in training just like Ash.

Team Rocket
Pokémon Company International

You can do better than this! You need to swot up if you want to be a Pokémon master!

Team Rocket from Pokémon
Pokémon Company International

Waaawaaa. What a terrible score! You really need to spend more time chasing Pokémon.

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