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Guess the Olivia Rodrigo Song Quiz

Think you know Olivia Rodrigo's back catalogue inside out? Test yourself with this tricky lyrics quiz! It's harder than it looks!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 7th 2024

Olivia Rodrigo has written a lot of songs - and they're all bangers! Right? But can you sing along to all of them? Do you know all the words to every song off the top of your head? Well you'll have to be able to if you want to get 100% on this fiendish Olivia Rodrigo lyrics quiz!

Let's get started, then!


Ok let's start... what song are these words from?


Which song by Olivia Rodrigo are these words from?


Ah, this one shouldn't be too hard! Name that song!


Which song’s first line is a trip to Malibu, and then a flavour of ice cream?


Oooh tough one! What song could this be from?


Which century is this song named after?


Ohhh! We know this one! Do you?


What song are these iconic words from?

9/10 A space shuttle going into space

Guess the Olivia Rodrigo song from this picture!


Name that track!

Wired | Youtube

Bah! Uh oh! Olivia looks a bit grumpy about this score... and do you blame her? This is really not your best work - but don't worry. You can always try this quiz again and see if you can score higher next time. Or cut your losses and just pick a different quiz! It's up to you!

Wired | Youtube

Good work! This is decent score! Olivia looks a little grumpy about it but don't worry! This is definitely not a bad score at all. You did miss out on a few right answers but no problem. Fancy having another go and seeing if you can score even higher? Better luck next time!

Wired | Youtube

Wow! Really well done! You got almost every single question right! You clearly know a lot about Olivia Rodrigo! One or two questions snuck past you but don't worry about it! You can always try and beat this score on a different music quiz! We have plenty more where this one came from!

Wired | Youtube

Amazing! You are an Olivia Rodrigo expert! You know her music inside out... and back to front! Not a single clue snuck past you, so well done! Now you can't improve on this score - but can you match it on a different music quiz? We have loads more to try!