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Guess the Sanrio Character Quiz!

If you just love the adorable characters of Sanrio, then this is the quiz for you! See if you can recognise them all!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 15th 2024

Sanrio is a Japanese company who specialise in cute kawaii characters and is one of the most popular brands ever. But can you name any character just by looking at them with no clues whatsoever? This quiz is for Sanrio experts only. Good luck!

1/10 A famous Sanrio character

Let's start off with a ridiculously easy one! Who's this?

2/10 A Sanrio character

Who's this floppy-eared character?

3/10 A Sanrio character

Can you name this character for another point?

4/10 A Sanrio character

Who's this character in a fetching hat?

5/10 A Sanrio character

Who's this amphibian character?

6/10 A Sanrio character

This dog is sliding into question 6. What's their name?

7/10 A Sanrio character

Hang on, haven't we seen this character before?

8/10 A Sanrio character

Who's this grumpy bird?

9/10 A Sanrio character

Who's this sleepy fried egg?

10/10 A Sanrio character

And for one final bit of the points cherry, can you tell us who this is?

Result: Oh No

Oh no! What happened there? Gudetama doesn't look too impressed with this score. Maybe you could cheer them up by having another go and getting a better score. You've got this!

Result: Good Try

Good try! You know some of the more popular Sanrio characters and Pochacco thinks you could do even better. What do you reckon? Good luck!

Result: Great Work

Great work! Kuromi thinks you've done brilliantly well. But wait – how about having another go? You might get a perfect score next time!

Result: Wow

Wow! Even though Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth, they've communicated that they're proud as punch with this perfect score. Well done!