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Guess the Year Quiz: Are You A Secret Time Traveller?

It’s time to buckle-up the seatbelts on the time machine as we dive into the deep past! How many will you get right?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 8th 2023

When was the car invented? How about the telephone?! These are all important facts to know, but how about Beyonce’s birth year? There is so much information in the world it’s impossible to know it all, but let’s put your brain to the test and see how much you know about these important events! Let’s go!

1/10 A Norman era cat waves a sword

When was the Battle of Hastings?

2/10 A mouldy sandwich is given a shiny hat

Which year did Prince Charles become King Charles?

3/10 A rusty car has a panda on it

When was the car invented?

4/10 A Raccoon looks at a sinking ship

When did the Titanic sink?

5/10 A baby with a meerkat's head holds a guitar

What year was Lewis Capaldi born?

6/10 A gamer thinks

What year did minecraft come out?

7/10 A bulldog slobbers next to an Indian flag

What year did India get independence from the British Empire?

8/10 A group of Suffragettes hold protest signs

When did women get to vote the same as men in England?

9/10 A dog looks sadly at a broken smartphone

When was the iPhone invented?

10/10 An asteroid hurtles toward a dinosaur

When did the asteroid that made the dinosaurs extinct hit?

A sad looking statue

Uh oh! Okay, so maybe this isn’t the result you were after, but we think that with a bit more practice and research you can do better! So why not take a second, collect your thoughts together, have a little meditate and try again? Glory awaits! Let’s go!

A sad looking statue

Not bad! You’ve definitely been paying attention, but maybe you just need to take better notes in school!? Why not have another go and see if you can do a bit better? We think you’ve got it in you! But don’t worry, facts and dates are important, but they’re not everything.

A cool looking ancient statue in sunglasses

Alright! Great score! You’re a real expert! Nothing gets past you, especially when it comes to dates, times and years! You’ve got the right kind of knowledge to fly through history with that special kind of knowledge that connects A to B and C to H! Well done! But do you think that you can score 100% on this quiz? Why not have one last try and really push yourself!?

A cool looking ancient statue in sunglasses

Incredible! You’ve knocked this on right out of the park! There aren’t many people out there that could have scored this highly on this quiz! So soak up the glory of this result, you’ve got every single question right! You know everything that there is to know about the past, so much so you should probably be a historian, oh wait, are you actually secretly a historian? Be honest now!