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Guess The YouTuber Quiz!

We’ve played around with the images of some famous YouTubers – can you tell who they are?

See how many you can answer correctly!

1/10 A pixelated image of a YouTube gamer

Who’s this YouTube gamer?

2/10 This YouTuber doesn't really have a football for a head

This YouTuber doesn’t really have a football for a head!

3/10 A blurred image of a popular YouTuber

Who’s this, then?

4/10 This YouTuber is an expert toy reviewer

This YouTuber must have a ton of toys in their house…

5/10 A gamer YouTube star

You can pick up some sweet gaming tips from this person!

6/10 An Australian YouTuber

If wearing shades wasn’t a good enough disguise, we’ve made this YouTuber all wavy

7/10 A musical YouTuber

Who’s this caught in a musical mood?

8/10 Who's wearing a fake nose and glasses here?

Has this disguise fooled you?

9/10 A heavy metal fan wearing a brilliant disguise

What about this one?

10/10 Can you guess who this pixelated YouTuber is?

And for one final point, who’s this?

Oh dear

Oh dear! You’ve made Tekkers Kid look a bit cross. Why not have another go?

Nice work
Lachlan | YouTube

Nice work! Lachlan seems pleased with your result!

Great stuff

Great stuff! You did really well, but why not have another go and see if you can get an even better score?


Amazing! You know your YouTubers so well, even if they’re wearing silly disguises – or wavy faces! 

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