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Hard Cricket Quiz That’ll Bowl You Over!

Can you hit this Hard Cricket Quiz for Six?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 21st 2022

This hard cricket quiz will have completely stumped. It’s going to come at you like a sneaky spin bowl. You’d better get ready to bat away some crazy questions. It’s going to push you to the boundary of your cricketing knowledge and half way through you’ll probably wish it was over!


In cricket, what does LBW stand for?


What is this umpire signalling?

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3/10 What colour vegetable is the closest colour to the West Indian test cricket team’s hats?


What is this umpire signalling?


5/10 What are the Australian cricket team known as?


What sort of Bowler is bowling to the pictured Wicket Keeper


What is it called when a team stops batting before they are all out (to give them time to get the other team out?)


8/10 Which deadly predator gives its name to the Sri Lankan cricket team?


What was burnt to make the ashes?


The act of heckling a batsman by the fielders is known as what?

Howzat! You’re out for a golden duck. What a terrible innings. You’d better swot up on your Wisden wisdom (ask a cricket fan if you don’t know what Wisden is!)

A quick single. You scored a quick single. Not bad, see if you can hit a boundary by playing the quiz again!

A four! Well done. Your reverse sweep tricked the fielders and the ball trickled over the boundary rope. Classic stuff. Well done you!

A six! What a hit! All the way over the pavilion and into a neighbours garden where the ball smashed their greenhouse. You’ve scored the winning runs in style! Now check out some of our other cricket quizzes and see if you can repeat the excellent performance!