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Hardest Harry Styles Quiz For Real Harry Heroes

Are you the world's leading expert on Harry Styles? Test your knowledge here! Let's go!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 16th 2022

From One Direction all the way through to an incredible solo career, Harry has it all - but how much do you know about Harry Styles? Do you know everything there is to know? Why not see if you can get full marks on this high level advanced quiz!


Which band was Harry Styles part of?

Harry_Styles | Twitter

What is Harry's middle name?


What film set in World War 2 was Harry Styles in?


If you chose 'Dunkirk' congratulations, you were right! But when was the Dunkirk evacuation?


Where was Harry born?


What song did Harry sing on his first X-Factor audition?


Which magazine was Harry the first solo man to be the front cover star?


Where did One Direction place in the X-Factor competition?

Harry_Styles | Twitter

Who was their X-Factor mentor?


What is Harry's diet?

Harry_Styles | Twitter

Uh oh! Maybe you need to go back to Harry Styles school - wait is that a real place? Not sure, but we'd love to go there for a term!

Harry_Styles | Twitter

Good effort! You're well on your way to beating this super hard Harry quiz. Why not have another go and see if you can do better?

Harry_Styles | Twitter

Brilliant! Well done, you've done really well here, almost full marks in fact! You definitely know a lot about the G.O.A.T of pop!

Harry_Styles | Twitter

Wow! Are you secretly Harry Styles? Well done! You've gotten 100% right, that is genuinely very very impressive! Can we have your autograph!