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Hardest WWE Quiz - Dare You Step In The Ring?

It doesn’t get much more hardcore than WWE, but wait what’s this? The hardest quiz? Let’s go!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 17th 2022

WWE is huge, both physically in that the wrestlers are very large, but also because so many people love it! So if you think that you’re good enough to get a smackdown on the hardest WWE quiz, then this is the place for you! Pull on that leotard and get yourself in the ring! Pow!


When was WWE founded?


What wrestler fell asleep during a match?

Brocklesnar | Twitter

What was special about the Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle match?


What did WWE used to be called?

OfficialHTM | Twitter

What famous singer did the Honky Tonk Man look like?


How many WWE events have happened outside of the USA?

BeckylynchWWE | Twitter

Who won the first Women’s Royal Rumble?


What is The Rock’s finishing move?

MrT | Twitter

Name this wrestler…


Who was the first person to point at the Wrestlemania sign?

Brocklesnar | Twitter

Uh oh! Not quite, it looks like you got thrown straight through the ring and out into the crowd! Not your best result, but that’s ok, it’s wrestling! So there is always time for a comeback - just take a deep breath and prepare for the next round!

VinceMcMahon | Twitter

Not bad! You’ve made it through the first bout, and you were only thrown through 4 tables! That’s good going! Why not take a little time to do a bit more research on WWE, practice some finishing moves and get back in the ring when you’re ready!?

OfficialHTM | Twitter

Wow! You’re made of strong stuff, you were thrown through a grand total of 23 tables and you’re still standing! Nice work, you definitely know a thing or two about WWE and it shows! Strength through knowledge has never been more accurate! Well done! But can you get 100%, why not give it a go?

Undertaker | Twitter

Incredible, you’re the best, world champ, leader of the pack! Excellent stuff! The tables have turned and now it’s you throwing your opponents through tables! Well done! How does it feel to be at the top of your game? Soak it in, and enjoy the immortality of WWE quiz glory!