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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Quotes Quiz!

If Philospher's Stone is your fave Potter story, then this is the quiz for you! See how well you know its most famous quotes!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 29th 2024

Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone (or Sorceror's Stone if you're from the USA!) is the first entry in the series - and it still has some of the best quotes! This quiz has a combination of book and film quotes - test your knowledge and see if you're the ultimate Potterhead! For more Potter quotes quizzes check out the rest of the site - see how well you know famous quotes from Ron, Dumbledore, or Snape!


Which character speaks first in the film?


What is Harry's first line in the film?


Which character says this?


What is the opening line of the book?


Who says this?


What's the correct way to say "Leviosa"?


Who says this?


What is Dumbledore talking about when he says this thought-provoking quote?


Finish this quote by George Weasley!


Who says this line?

Oops - looks like you need to re-familiarise yourself with The Philosopher's Stone! Don't worry, you can always come back and have another go!

Not bad at all - you've definitely seen the film, and maybe read the book too! We bet you can bring your score up though - why not try again and see?

Very good - you know Philosopher's Stone better than most! Well done! But can you get a perfect score? We bet you can! Why not try once more and see?

A perfect score - absolutely magical! Well done! No one knows Philosopher's Stone better than you!