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Hip Hop or Shakespeare Quiz

Can you tell the difference between Shakespeare and the world's most famous hip-hop tracks? Click here to test your knowledge of these hard bards!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 8th 2024

Hip hop artists and Shakespeare have a surprising amount in common - they both use words to get their point across, to make their audience cry and shout, and they both wear amazing outfits! But can you tell the difference between this oldschool poet and playwrite, and some of the most famous hip hop classics out there? Take this ridiculous literature and lyrics quiz and let's see how much you really know!

Here we go!


So... is this hip hop or Shakespeare?


What about this line?


Next! Hip hop or Shakespeare?


What about this one?


Hip hop or Shakespeare? You tell us!


What do you reckon?


Hip hop or Shakespeare?




Next up... it's this famous line!


Last one! What'll it be?

Oh no! The bard would not be impressed with this score! You got it all twisted! You'd better have another listen to some classic hip-hop or pick a copy of Hamlet and then have another go at this quiz! Better luck next time!

Pretty good! You know what you're doing and clearly love hip hop and Shakespeare. This is a decent score so well done, but you did miss out n a high score. Do you know which ones you got wrong? Have another go and ee if you can beat this score next time round!

Jheeeez! Gadzooks! You know the world's greatest lyricists like the back of your hand - and looks like you know your Shakespeare, too! Well done this is an amazing score! You very almost got 100% - you just missed out on one or two right answers. Now, can you beat this on a different quiz?

Forsooth! This result went HARD! You got 10/10 - absolutely nothing got past you, well done! This is teh perfect score, which means you must be either an expert in Shakespeare, hiphop or... both? Either way you nailed this quiz! Can you match this score on a different quiz?