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The Ultimate Shakespeare Quiz

Is this a Beano quiz I see before me? Yes it is. And it's all about Shakespeare!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

Forsooth Beano Quiz fan! Who was Shakespeare?


What was Shakespeare's first name?


What is the question?


Shakespeare invented a lot of phrases that we still use today. Like this one from his play Macbeth, can you complete it? "All that glitters is not..."


5/10 On the subject of Macbeth what country was it set in?


Which Shakespeare play involves a man picking up a skull?


7/10 In the play Othello, Shakespeare writes that jealousy is like a monster. What colour is the monsters eyes?


Which play features a shipwreck and a character called Ariel?


Which board game is also a Shakespeare play?


What has happened to both Romeo and Juliet by the end of the play?

A pox o' your throat, you bawling, blasphemous, uncharitable dog! 

There is nothing either good or bad, but trying this quiz again might make it so!

Some are born epic, some achieve epicness, some have epicness thrust upon them...