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Harry Styles Lyrics Quiz for Legends Only!

Do you know Harry's songs off by heart? Are you a lyrical legend? Why not test your knowledge here?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 31st 2023

Harry is a world class singer and songwriter, his lyrics are fun, playful and beautiful all at the same time. He's struck the perfect balance and become one of the world's great pop-stars! But how well do you know the songs of this amazing artist? Let's find out!


Finish the lyric: 'Answer the phone...'


In the song 'As it was', how fast is Harry's Internet?


In the song 'She', when does the man drop his children off?


Finish the lyric: 'You're so Golden...'


In Harry's first X-Factor song, 'Isn't She Lovely', finish the line: 'Isn't she precious...'


Who sang 'Isn't She Lovely' originally?


In the song 'Two Ghosts', what colour shirt does Harry wear?


In the song 'Two Ghosts', where are the Ghosts swimming?


How does 'Meet me in the Hallway' start?


In the song 'Adore You', what would Harry do for you?

Harry_Styles | Twitter

Ooops! not quite, why not dust off that old vinyl record player and have another listen through Harry's classic songs?

Harry_Styles | Twitter

Great effort, you've definitely listened to Harry's music before, although you're a way off from being able to call yourself an expert. Why not listen to a few tracks and come back to try again?

Harry_Styles | Twitter

Nice, you give the energy of someone who has Harry on repeat most of the day! Excellent stuff, have you considered a job in music? You've definitely got a knack for song-writing!

Harry_Styles | Twitter

Wow! You're a genius, it's a fact! You got 100% of your answer's correct, we're very impressed. Harry would be proud of you! Well done!