Head2Head: Ivy vs. Bea

Who will win - Ivy the Terrible or Baby Bea?

Last week, Teacher and Creecher went head2head!

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Last week, Teacher and Creecher, this week Ivy and Bea!
Big Stink - Ivy and Bea go Head2Head

Who can kick up a bigger stink?

It wasn't me - Ivy and Bea go Head2Head

Who gives a more convincing "I didn't do it"?

Food fight - Ivy and Bea go Head2Head

Who has a better strategy for dealing with yucky veg?

Costume conundrum - Ivy and Bea go Head2Head

Your mum and dad are forcing you to dress fancy! What do you wear?

Speed Freaks - Ivy and Bea go Head2Head

Calling all speed freaks - whose wheels are faster?

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