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Hello, It's The Ultimate Adele Quiz!

Will you get 100% on this quiz or will you end up thinking you could've had it all?! Take this epic pop quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  November 13th 2021

If you fancy more stuff like this - you're in luck! We've got loads! Test your music knowledge here, take this pop quiz or even see if you can work out the song from the first line! It's harder than it sounds!

Anyway, back to Adele...

@adele | instagram

Where is Adele from?

@adele | instagram

What's the name of this album? Click to reveal!

@adele | instagram

She says she wrote the song "Hometown Glory" in 10 minutes. True or false?


Adele and which other woman hold the record for most Grammy's won in one night?

@mtv | giphy

Adele and Drake are...what?


What pets does Adele have?

@adele | instagram

What song has this line in it? "We could have had it all!"

@adele | instagram

Which of these is NOT a song by Adele?


Finish this line from Set Fire to the Rain: "Cause I heard it screaming out..."


Now finish this line: "Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes...."

@adele | instagram

Oooooh... That's not a smash hit of a score. Adele is not pleased about this. Quick, try another quiz!

Could be worse! Could be better though - can you net a higher score on a different quiz?

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Nicely done! You know loads about Adele! Now - can you beat this score on a different music quiz?

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Amazing! You know more about Adele than... Adele does! Great work, now...can you get full marks on another music quiz?