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Spooky Hello Neighbour Quiz!

How much do you know about this spooky awesome game? It's time to see with the ultimate Hello Neighbour quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 9th 2022

Are you in the know when it comes to the spooky game Hello Neighbour? There's only one way to find out! Take this quiz and see if you can get a top score! And we've got loads more gaming quizzes right here! How about this video game trivia quiz for true gaming nerds? Or what about having a go at this ultimate legend of Zelda quiz? Maybe you think you can ace this ultimate Among Us quiz!

1/10 Hello Neighbour
Hello Neighbour | tinyBuild

What's the name of the neighbour?

2/10 Map of Russia and splats

Where is the game set?

3/10 Hello Neighbour
Hello Neighbour | tinyBuild

Who makes the game?

4/10 Hello Neighbour
Hello Neighbour | tinyBuild

What's the name of the main character?

5/10 Spooky attic and question marks

Which part of the house are you trying to get into?

6/10 Goofy snake with splats

What's The Thing?

7/10 Ferris wheel with arrow

What's the name of the Amusement Park in Hello Engineer?

8/10 Person with VCR headset on laser background

What special tech does the game use?

9/10 Kites and llama

What is Nicky chasing down the street?

10/10 Neighbourhood with Beano birds

How many sequels are there?

Lowest result

Oh nooooo looks like you didn't get any questions right! Never mind, have another go and see if you can become a Hello Neighbour superfan!

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Try again! You got a couple of questions right, but not enough to show you're a Hello Neighbour superfan! Have another go!

Well done result

Nice work! You must be a big Hello Neighbour fan! But can you get full marks next time?

Wow result

Incredible! You're truly the number one Hello Neighbour fan! Share your result with your friends to show them how much you know!