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Help Us Bring Minnie's Birthday to Life!

Minnie needs a special portrait for her birthday but she can't decide what face to pull. So, we need YOU to pull out the pens and help save the day!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 14th 2023

Beano fans, we have got a MASSIVE Minnie problem and we need your help to draw Beanotown’s biggest minx very own masterpiece!

Yes, that's right - Minnie the Minx has got a BIG birthday anniversary coming up, and so the Queen of Mischief needs a special portrait to commemorate the special day.

So we're challenging you lot to get creative by using a page in this week's issue.

Sounds simple, right? And it is!

All you have to do is draw a suitably mischievous portrait using the drawing sheet below (She tells us that she can’t decide what face to pull, so maybe you can help her?)

You can win BLAM prizes and be featured on, too!

All you have to do is send us a photo of your creation to [email protected]. Please include your name, date of birth, PLUS your parent/guardian’s name / teacher’s name, phone number and email. T&Cs apply. Entries open 11.11.2023 – 2.12.23.

Visit for more information. 

👇🏽 Make Your Minnie Below! 👇🏽

Terms and conditions

These are the Competition Information and Terms and Conditions for “The Many Faces of Minnie” competition to be used on from 19th December 2023. 

To enter the competition, children should submit their creations, in the form of drawn pictures, or written words and drawn pictures. Children can use the templates published in Beano comic on sale on 15.11.2023, 22.11.2023 and 29.11.2023.

The creations should be sent to [email protected] by the Closing Date, along with the entrant’s name, date of birth, parent/guardian’s / class teacher’s name, telephone number and email address.

Each week’s entries will be shortlisted on the following dates: 20.11.2023; 27.11.2023; and 4.12.2023 to create a final shortlist, which will be judged by a panel of judges and an independent judge on 06.12.2023.

The competition opens at 00:00 on 11.11.2023 (the "Opening Date"). The competition closes at 23:59 on 02.12.2023 (the "Closing Date”).

20 competition entries will be featured on in a winners’ article and the creators of the winning entries will also receive a limited-edition Minnie beret and one copy of ‘Minnie’s Mission of Maximum Mischief’ each (20 berets and 20 boomics in total).

Each week’s entries will be shortlisted, and the final shortlist will appear on on 19.12.2023.

The winners will be notified on 08.12.2023 and the prizes can be redeemed until 19.02.2024.

Beano Studios may publish names of winners in our relevant publications and/or on online and social media channels. 

The competition will be promoted in the Beano comic on sale on 15.11.2023, 22.11.2023 and 29.11.2023, on the website at and social media channels.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.