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20 Hide and Seek Jokes Guaranteed To Give You Away!

It’s one of the oldest games in the world and one of the first ones we all learn to play! There are few things funnier than the seeker walking right past you, but you haven’t seen these jokes yet!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 15th 2024

Good hide and seek jokes are hard to find, but we’ve collected up the best of the best just for you. So let’s scan the room for the best hiding place to sneak off to when the giggling gets too much! It wouldn’t be a kind thing to keep these jokes seek-ret, so here they are, ready or not, here we pun! But if these jokes aren't your cup of tea why not have a look at these pigeon jokes?

Why can’t you find your eggs at breakfast?

Because they’re playing fried with leek!

Why don’t eggs play hide and seek?

They always crack under pressure!

What game do farmers always play?

Hide and leek!

I wanted to buy a book on hide and seek?

But I couldn’t find it!

Why are trains rubbish at hide and seek?

They can’t cover their tracks!

How are painters so good at hide and seek?

They blend in!

What do mice call hide and seek?

Hide and squeak

Why can't Ladybirds play hide and seek?

They’re easily spotted!

My friend started a hide and seek airline.

But I can’t see it taking off!

Why don’t mountains ever play hide and seek?

Because they peak!

Teacher: I didn’t see you at Hide and Seek training

Student: Thank you

Why are zebras so good at hide and seek?

They’re never spotted!

Why don’t fish play hide and seek?

Because it’s no fun being caught!

What is the difference between Leopards and Cheetahs?

Leopards don’t change their spots!

I threw a hide and seek party last week.

Nobody showed up!

Why doesn’t pasta play hide and seek?

It’s always spaghetting caught!

What was Plato’s favourite game?

Hide and Greek!

What should you play at midnight?

Bedside and sleep!

Why are dalmatians rubbish at hide and seek?

They’re all spotted!

It’s impossible to play hide and seek in an airport.

You’re always in plane sight!

Aeroplane on the tarmac

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