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20 Foot Jokes That Are Toe-tally Hilarious!

These foot jokes are the life and sole of the party! Check out these funny foot jokes for some proper chuckles!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  August 2nd 2023

Get ready for these funny foot jokes! These foot jokes are guaranteed to de-feet the blues! And if you liked these, check out more funny jokes like these cool fridge jokes! Or how about these cheesy rat jokes? We've even got these marvellous moon jokes! And we've got hundreds more jokes just like these right here!

What sort of snack do feet like?


What sort of relatives do feet have?

Aunts and ankles!

Why should you never go into battle barefoot?

You'll get de-feeted!

What do frogs wear on their feet?

Open-toad sandals!

Why were the feet in love?

Because they were sole mates!

I love feet

I think they're toe-riffic!

How does an astronaut cut his toenails?

He eclipse it!

Which ancient Greek philosophers were experts on feet?

Sock-rates and Pla-toe!

What grows on your feet at Christmas?


I used to impersonate flamingos for a living...

But I had to put my foot down

What grows in forests and on feet?


What should you do if you injure your foot on the road?

Call a toe truck!

Why was the foot sad?

It's date stood it up!

Why are foot injuries ok?

They usually heel!

What should you wear if you've got two left feet?


What's a foot long and sounds like a sneeze?

A shoe!

Why didn't the snowman get married?

He got cold feet!

What do you call a cow with no feet?

Ground beef!

What's a foot's favourite chocolate?


What do you call a dinosaur with smelly feet?