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20 Funny Moon Jokes to Eclipse All Others

Take a look at these cheesy moon jokes! They're out of this world!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  August 12th 2021

Can't get enough of these funny moon jokes? Get a faceful of these space jokes, science jokes, physics jokes...and a whole universe of other jokes! 

Why doesn't the moon shave?

Because it waxes!

Why is the moon bald?

It has no 'air!

What's closer, France or the Moon?

The Moon, obviously! You can't see France from here!

How does the Moon hold up it's trousers?

With an asteroid belt!

What did the Moon say to Saturn?

Give me a ring sometime!

What was the first animal in space?

The cow that jumped over the moon!

Cow with horns standing up

Why is the moon so hungry?

Because it's only full once a month!

What do you call someone who turns into a building every full moon?

A Were-House!

What tastes better, the moon or asteroids?

Asteroids - they're a little meteor!

What do you call Dwayne Johnson on the moon?

A moon rock!

NASA got tired watching the moon orbit the earth for 24 hours

So they called it a day!

Did you hear about the alien who was obsessed with the moon?

It was just a phase!

Where do rabbits go after they get married?

On their bunny moon!

What do you call a clock on the moon?

A lunar tick!

time jokes

How do we know the man on the moon is bald?

He has no 'air!

What do you call an ocean on the moon?


What did the US give Russia for landing on the moon after them?

A constellation prize!

How does the man in the moon cut his hair?

Eclipse it!

Why did the moon burp?

Because it was full!

What was the biggest problem with the restaurant on the moon?

It had no atmosphere!