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21 Rat Jokes That Are Pretty Cheesy!

These funny rat jokes will leave you feeling anything but ratty! Check them out and tell your friends!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  May 22nd 2023

Here are 21 funny rat jokes for you to sink your (rodent) teeth into! Check them out! And if you liked these, check out more animal jokes here! How about these laughable lizard jokes? Or maybe you're up for some silly seal jokes? Or perhaps we can interest you in these punny panda jokes? And naturally, there's loads more jokes on our main jokes hub!

What sound does a rat's door make?


Which martial art do rodents practise?


Where do rats like to hang out?

At a squeak easy!

What happens if you put a rat on a fishing line?

You'll catch a catfish!

Who's got a tail, whiskers, and is really wise?


What's a rat's favourite treat?

Mice cream!

What do you call a rat that makes clothes?

A tail-or!

What's a rat's favourite movie?

The Fast and the Furriest!

What did the rat say to his friend who's broken his front teeth?

Hard cheese!

How does a rat make a cake?

It uses its whiskers!

What do you call a rat in a hat with a sword?

A mouseketeer!

Why should you never trust rodents?

They always rat you out!

Did you hear about the two rats getting married?

They just got en-caged!

Where do rats go after they get caught in traps?

The re-tail store!

What do you call a rat with no legs?

A furball!

What do rats eat for breakfast?

Mice crispies!

How do you make a rat laugh?

Tell it a cheesy joke!

What's got a tail, sails the seven seas and is delicious?

A pie-rat!

What do rats say when they see each other?

Mice to meet you!

Have you heard about Disney's new sequel?


Why should you always hire a rat to look after your house?

They'll make it squeaky clean!