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Ultimate 30 Best Seal Jokes & Puns for Kids

Seal Jokes & Puns So Funny They'll Have you Clapping!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  December 9th 2022

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What claps and barks and says you look great?

The seal of approval!

Why was the seal so well rested?

She practised seal-f care!

What sort of cinemas do seals go to?

Dive in!

Why did the seal cross the road?

To get to the other tide!

Who is a polar bear's favourite singer?


What do polar bears do on their birthdays?

They seal-abrate!

Why don't penguins hang out with walruses?

They're too seal-y

Who sings, eats fish and is called Seal?

A pup star!

Why do seals swim in salt water?

Pepper makes them sneeze!

What sort of music do seals listen to?


What do seals do when they need medical attention?

Sea kelp!

What's grey and has a trunk?

A seal on holiday!

What sort of music do seals like?


What’s the difference between a seal and a sea lion?

One electron

What do seals study at school?

Art! Art! Art!

What sort of photos does a seal take?


What does an orca call a seal on a skateboard?

Meals on wheels!

What do you call a seal in the forest?

Barking up the wrong tree!

What do you call a seal in the jungle?


What do you call two seals in love?

Seal mates!

What stops the ocean from draining?

The seals!

What did the seal say to the wall?


Why are seals good at racing?

They're always in pole position!

What do seals say on Black Friday?

Buy! Buy! Buy!

What do seals wear on their feet when its cold?


I didn't eat my Animal Crackers...

Because it said 'Do not eat if seal is broken!'

What's a balanced meal for a polar bear?

A seal in each paw!

What did the seal say when it was late?

'I would have been here earlier, but my iceberg hit a ship!'

What do you call a female seal?


Why did the seal get eaten by the orca?

Because he couldn't see that whale!