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Hot Wheels Quiz - May The Fastest Quizzer Win!

Hot Wheels is one of the oldest in the toy car world, but are you an expert?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 5th 2024

Hot Wheels have made millions of tiny cars in their time, lots of them ended up in the bin, but many of these amazing cars are very collectible now! So jump into this quiz and test yourself to see how well you know Hot Wheels and if you’ve got a secret racer in you!


Which decade did Hot Wheels start?


What vehicles DON’T Hot Wheels make?


In Hot Wheels Let’s Race - what pet does Rearview have?


What colour was the Beatles themed Hot Wheels submarine?


What was the name of the first ever Hot Wheels set?


Hot Wheels once sponsored a drag-race driver Tom McEwen, but what was his nickname?


What was the first Hot Wheels car to be made into a real one?


What made the first Hot Wheels tracks special?


What was the name of the first Hot Wheels film?


How much was the most expensive Hot Wheels car sold for?

Oh no, it seems like you've missed a few too many days at the Hot Wheels racing academy! You didn't do so great on this quiz, but don't worry! Everyone has to start somewhere even the very best racers! With practice and patience though, you'll become a Hot Wheels master in no time! In the meanwhile though, why not try out some of the other fun quizzes on the site and see if you can ace those too?

Awesome! You're on the right track! You know almost everything about Hot Wheels but there is still space to improve! You're getting the hang of Hot Wheels, so why not have another try and see if you can score higher?! But if you don’t fancy that why not check out some of our other cool quizzes?

Boom! You've got some seriously speedy knowledge about Hot Wheels, from the beginning all the way up to the modern day! Almost every answer was right - that's awesome for a Hot Wheels fan like you! With smarts like yours, why not try some of our other fun quizzes? We’ve got loads!

Way to go! You nailed every single question! Epic work! You're a real Hot Wheels expert, and here’s the undeniable proof! How does it feel being the ultimate Hot Wheels champ!? Good right?! But now you’ve smashed this, why not try your luck at the other quizzes we’ve got on the site?