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The How Cool Am I For My Age? Quiz

We all know you're cool... the question is HOW cool?! Find out how you stack up on a scale from cool to warm here with this super-cool coolness quiz! Did we mention it's cool?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 27th 2022

Are you way cooler than other kids your age? Probably. If only there was some way of finding out exactly how cool you are. Well, you're in luck! Just answer these questions and we'll tell you how cool you really are! What are you hanging around for? Let's get quizzing!


1/10 Choose a pair of sunglasses:


You've got 10 minutes until your bus. How do you wait?


Name this dog:


What would you play in a band?

5/10 A man petrified by a portion of broccoli

Pick a hobby:


What music are you listening to right now?


Your fashion sense is... what?

8/10 An armadillo looks at the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?


Pick a snack:


What's your favourite subject at school?

You're Unbelievably Cool!

It doesn't matter what age you are - you're the coolest kid ever! In fact, you're so cool that people OLDER than you copy your style! But obviously, you're too cool to even think about what other people think! You're too busy being cool! Did we mention you're cool?

You're really cool!

You're cool without even trying! People might not think of you as the COOLEST EVER, but to be honest nobody wants that job. Being number 1 is a lot of pressure (you ccan take our word for it) and it's much cooler to just be yourself anyway. Good work!

You're pretty cool!

You're cool whatever age you are! Not all of your hobbies are "traditionally" cool - but they make you happy and that's all that matters. In fact, the coolest thing you can do is just be yourself!

You're not that cool. Unless...

Maybe you actually are - it's just that people haven't noticed yet. In fact, what will probably happen is that people your age will grow up a bit and THEN realise that actually you were the cool kid all along. Just wait, it'll happen!