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How DODGER are you?

Take our quiz to find out if you can match Roger, dodge for dodge, or if you'll just wander around like Walter!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 15th 2018

How DODGER are you?


1/6 Tidying your bedroom is so boring - how do you dodge it?


2/6 The school bully is coming down the street towards you - what's your dodge?


3/6 Urrgh! Sprouts for tea... dodge that one!


4/6 It's the school disco but you don't want to dance with the person asking you. Dodge required!


5/6 There's a big test at school and you haven't studied - what do you do?


6/6 Here's your last question...

You're probably Walter

Are you Walter?

Urgh, no way you're a dodger!

Almost like Roger

Nifty dodger, but not quite Roger!

You certainly know a few dodges but we suggest you read more Beanos to get even better!

Dodge just like Roger

You got Roger!

You could definitely give Roger a run for his money - except he always dodges out of running!