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How Funny Is Your Class?

Are you and your classmates comedy legends or quietly serious students? Take this blam quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 31st 2022

Do you think your class is full of would-be comedians or do you think your mates are as serious as a really dull maths lesson? This scientific quiz will determine your class LOL factor and how funny you lot really are! Are you ready to take this quiz and find out once and for all?

1/10 A pigeon in a classroom

A pigeon has flown into the classroom. What do you do?

2/10 A woman laughing at a squeaking noise
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Someone moves their chair and it makes a big squeaking noise. How do you react?

3/10 A child planning a prank

When your teacher leaves the room for a moment, what are your classmates most likely to do?

4/10 A teacher points at a student

You're in a really boring history lesson. How do you liven things up?

5/10 A teacher next to a chalk board

Have you ever given your teacher a secret nickname?

6/10 A farting man

Your teacher accidentally farts. How does your class react?

7/10 A laser show

Your class has to give a presentation to the rest of the school. What's their style?

8/10 The Declaration of Independence

During a history lesson, your teacher asks where the Declaration of Independence was signed. What's the most popular answer?

9/10 A teacher looking shocked

You spot an opportunity to play a prank on the teacher. What do you do?

10/10 A clown in a classroom

It's non-uniform day at school. How does your class dress?

Result: Hilarious

Your class is: HILARIOUS!

Your teacher's ears must ring every day with the amount of laughter in the classroom. Each one of you is a comedy legend in the making and you all take the opportunity to have fun and laugh during the day, no matter how dull your lessons might be!

Result: Pretty funny

Your class is: PRETTY FUNNY!

Your classroom, more often than not, is a room full of giggles, the occasional prank and some blam jokes which you've clearly read on!

Result: Fairly funny

Your class is: FAIRLY FUNNY!

If we're giving out a mark for laughs, we'd award your class 50%. You prefer to do your work and concentrate on lessons, but like the occasional – and we mean occasional – moment of fun. But only once your work has done and that pigeon has been shown the door.

Result: Totally Serious

Your class is: TOTALLY SERIOUS!

Your classroom is a laugh-free zone, with your classmates preferring to be quiet and get on with their lessons. While this is very good, it's good to have a laugh once in a while, isn't it? No? Oh dear...

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