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How Funny is Your Teacher?

Does your teacher fancy themselves as the funniest ever? Probably. But don't take their word for it - answer these questions and we'll tell you once and for all!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  May 31st 2022

Is your teacher a comedy genius? Or a fusty old cringe-lord? Maybe both? Is that even possible? It's time to find out how your teacher stacks up when it comes to cracking YOU up... basically... how funny are they really?

Answer these questions honestly - there's nothing worse than a teacher who think they're funny when they're actually not! Ready? Go on, then!


What subject does your teacher teach?

2/10 A teacher points at a student

What does your teacher dress like?

3/10 A dog chomping through your homework

Do you always do your homework for this teacher?


Your teacher's voice is...

5/10 School Jokes

Does your teacher tell jokes?

Please add image credits here

What did your teacher do before they were a teacher?


What homework were you last set?

8/10 A person relaxing on a beach with a dolphin in the background

Where would your teacher take you on a school trip?


When you misbehave in class, what happens?


If your teacher was a type of dog, what would they be?

Result: Really funny

Your teacher is hilarious!

Congratulations! You've got one of those rare teachers who's actually really funny! Learning is always a laugh with them, and they never come out with anything cringe or shout at you. Well, not often anyway! Is this totally wrong? Have another go at this quiz and see if your teacher gets a different result!

Result: Kind of funny

Your teacher is really funny - but not deliberately!

Your teacher is pretty hilarious - but they don't mean to be! Yep, most of the laughing in your classroom is AT your teacher, not because they're a comedy genius. They're a good teacher though, and you usually learn a lot in their classes... Even if they can be a bit embarrassing sometimes! Sound about right? If we're way off the mark here have another go!

Result: not very funny

Your teacher isn't funny at all!

Woah - your teacher is BORING! You've never heard them tell a joke, and anytime someone in your classes says something funny they just stare at them blankly. Your teacher isn't shouty or mean, they're just... well, just a bit dull. Have we got this one wrong? Have another go and see if we can desribe your teacher a bit better!

Result: a bit scary

Your teacher is a bit scary!

Your teacher definitely has a sense of humour - but you don't often see it because they're too busy shouting at everyone. Their classes would be a lot funnier if you were brave enough to make any jokes in it. You do learn quite a lot in their classes, but mostly because you're scared of getting more detentions! Is this an unfair description? Have another go!

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