Robux Quiz: How Much Do These Items Cost With Robux?

If you play Roblox, you'll know that you pay for things with Robux. But can you tell us what these cool collectables cost? Take the Beano Robux quiz now!

Let's do this! It's time to take our Robux quiz...

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How much would this inflatable cowboy hat cost?

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What about this balloon animal?

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This friendly swamp monster looks like fun. How much?

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Very hat. Such doge. Much Robux.

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How much for this amazing axe-shaped guitar?

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How about a nice warm beanie?

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They're headphones that tell the time! Very handy. But how many Robux would you expect to pay?

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This hat is cool enough for the scurviest pirate who ever sailed the seven seas. How many Robux for this fine accessory?

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This milk carton backpack would be pretty handy. How many Robux would you expect to pay?

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This robotic guard dog would be useful. Tell how much they cost!

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