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How Much Do You Know About Music?

There's more to music than just a bunch of funny noises. Or is there? Take this quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  September 5th 2022

What is this curly metal instrument called?


Which of these bands has a member called Jimin?


Which of these is NOT a real type of music?


Who is this?

@GiphyNews | Giphy

Which of these is a WIND instrument?

@lunchmoneylife | instagram

This bloke reckons you can SHOUT in music. You know, instead of just singing all the time. Is he correct?

@cheezburger | giphy

Some animals like music too. True or false?

@lilnasx | instagram

What large mammal does Lil Nas X ride in the video to Old Town Road?

@vava.mis | instagram

If K-Pop is Korean Pop and J-Pop is Japanese Pop...What's C-Pop?


The longest gig in history is being played RIGHT NOW by a specially-built robot church organ in Germany. How long will it last from start to finish?Here's a hint - you'd have to wait months to hear it do anything!

Hmph! Not a fan of music, then? Nevermind. Try another quiz!

Ooooh! Pretty good! This flying space horn has seen better though - try another quiz?

Nicely done! This flying space trumpet is very impressed!*Ooops, sorry. It's not a trumpet, it's a French Horn.

Woah! How did you do that? Nobody knows THAT much about music!