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How Much Do You Know About Pride? Quiz

So, how much do you really know about the most colourful time of year? Take this quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 30th 2023
1/12 A giraffe with a rainbow cake

Which one of these things is Pride NOT about?

2/12 A woman at a Pride event

What does the L in LGBTQ+ stand for?

3/12 Someone holding a rainbow flag

The colours of the rainbow flag reflect how everyone is different, but equally important. Which of these colours is NOT on the original flag?

@textbackpack | giphy

Why is there a + in LGBTQ+?

5/12 A man with a rainbow umbrella

What do you call people who aren't gay but support gay people?

6/12 A tiger and armadillo with a trans flag

What does the T stand for in LGBTQ+?

7/12 A rainbow flag

There are LOADS of different rainbow flags. Why is there a black and brown stripe on this one?

8/12 A group of people having fun at Pride

Are people who aren't LGBTQ+ welcome to come to Pride parties?

9/12 A stone wall with a question mark on it

Every year, Pride is on the anniversary of something called the Stonewall Riots in 1969. Where did this happen?

10/12 Riot police

What do you think happened at Stonewall?

11/12 A man hiding in a closet

What does "coming out of the closet" mean?

12/12 A drag queen
@rupaulsdragrace | giphy

LGBT+ people ALL like wearing big costumes and wigs. True or false?

Oh no! Yo'd better swot up on your Pride facts because some of this is important! Talking Pride cake says have another go?

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Wahooooo! You're a bona-fide Pride expert! More rainbow cake for you!