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How Organised Are You???

Do you go with the flow, or do you have every half-hour planned?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 15th 2022

It's tough trying to stay on schedule sometimes, but being organised can make a real difference! Find out how organised you are with this super-fun personality quiz - are you the queen of scheduling, or would you rather lie back and let the world go by? Don't forget to try some of our other personality quizzes - find out which meme you are, or what your dream house would look like!


How quickly do you get your homework done?


How often do your change your bedsheets?


Are you your pet's main caretaker?


How soon do you get your Christmas shopping done?


Do you usually organise your friend meet-ups?


You're doing a group project in class! What's your job?


How good are you at returning your library books in time?


It's the school play! What are you doing?


How quickly do you respond to texts?


How good are you at remembering birthdays?

Total slacker

You're the least organised person around. That can be great (it's good not to get stressed), but sometimes you need to be on top of things. Try journalling and see if you enjoy it!

Going with the flow

You're laid back, but not so much you're falling off. It's good not to stress, so keep that up! Just make sure you don't lose sight of stuff you need to remember!

On top of things

You're at a pretty good spot - you know what's up, but you're also happy to just let things happen. Good for you!


Oh wow, you're almost a professional when it comes to keeping it together! Don't be too regimented though, it's fun to just go with the flow sometimes, and it'll help you stay unstressed.