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How Spooky Are You?

Find out your spookiness level in this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

How Spooky Are You?


1/10 You want to watch a movie on Halloween - what are you most likely to watch?


2/10 Which of these would you prefer as a pet?


3/10 Which bad character is your favourite?


If you heard a weird noise coming from a spooky attic, what would you do?


5/10 If you were making your own scary film, where would you set it?


6/10 Which Halloween accessory would you go for?


How afraid of the dark are you?


8/10 How scary do you find the Dementors in Harry Potter?


If you got lost in a forest at night, what would you do?


10/10 What would you dress up as for Halloween?


You are so so spooky! You are super brave and love a scary movie. Halloween is your favourite season and you have the best time when your adrenaline is high!

SO spooky

You're pretty spooky! You enjoy the adrenaline of scary films and moments, but can only take so much - you're human after all. Hold on, you ARE actually human, aren't you? You never know, you're spooky enough to be a zombie!

Sort of spooky

You quite enjoy a spooky film, but you'd probably watch something happier or more jolly. You like the excitement of spookiness, but are glad that it's all just in the movies!

Not so spooky

You're not one for scary movies and prefer a happier, funnier more relaxing film. You'd really rather not be in a spooky situation as it would probs stress you out! Christmas is defs a better season than Halloween!