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How To Beat Homeschool Stress

Had enough of homeschooling? This handy guide might help!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Who thought we'd ever miss going to school, eh? But let's face it - whilst there are some good things about homeschooling (like wearing pyjamas all day) - it can be pretty rubbish too.

And whilst it's totally normal to be a bit stressed out, here are a few tips to keep on top of that homeschooling!   

1. Stick to a routine!

Just because you could do your work in the middle of the night and wake up at 2pm, doesn't mean you should. The key to home schooling is pretending you're at school - and that means starting, finishing and taking breaks at normal (ish) times. If it helps you pretend, you can even call your mum "Miss" and stick chewing gum underneath your desk! 

2. Don't worry about the work!

Nobody expects you to do as much work in lockdown as you normally would. We're in a massive global emergency, and home schooling is just meant to keep you going while we wait for things to get back to normal. So if things are hard and you're not getting much work done, don't worry about it! The important thing is you're turning up and giving it a go.

3. Go outside

A bit of exercise helps you concentrate and clears out some of the stress of being stuck at home all the time. You don't need to start doing 10,000 pushups every day (in fact, don't do that) - but a walk round the park at lunch or 10 minutes of kicking a football about every day will definitely help.

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4. Don't wear your pyjamas all day!

We know we said this is a good thing - and it usually is! But it's much better on a Sunday morning than it is on a Wednesday afternoon when you're trying to concentrate. If you're getting distracted, the best thing to do is get up, put on some school clothes, sit at a quiet table and have a go at your school work. Then the second you're done - get those pyjamas back on!

5. Try for quality, not quantity!

If you only manage to do one thing today - but you enjoy it and do it well - that's much better than spending 8 hours being bored and farting about. Trust us on this one! If you're interested in what you're doing, you're much more likely to remember it - so try and make fun! Which brings us to the next point...

6. Make it fun!

Can't get the hang of your history homework? Totally stuck on science? Then stop! Whatever it is that's boring you, try and learn about it in a different way. There are lots of ways you can make a dull subject more interesting. Let's say you're getting bored by maths. Take a break from the sums and look up some famous mathematicians - like Pythagoras, the ancient Greek maths nerd who started a religion that strictly forbid the eating of beans. Basically everything is interesting if you look in the right places - try talking about your subjects with an adult, draw or make something related to it, or watch documentaries about it online. Don't let the boredom win!

7. Everyone's in the same boat!

The good news is we're all in it together. So your friends, your teachers and all the adults in your life should understand and give you some extra slack. And remember if it's all getting a bit much - talk to someone and tell them how you're feeling!You can get in touch with our friends at Young Minds HERE Good luck! You got this - and before you know it, everything will be back to normal!