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How to Celebrate Pride at Home

Not sure what to do for Pride? It's more than just a party - but that's a good place to start!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Before we talk about how to celebrate Pride, let's quickly check we know what it is. Because you wouldn't want to celebrate something you don't understand, right?

Imagine how embarrassing it'd be to celebrate Christmas without knowing what it's all about - you know, Robot Santa's epic defeat of the Ewoks in 1066.

Yep, you'd feel pretty silly. So you'd better LISTEN UP, BIFFO.

What is Pride?

Pride is much more than a big party. It's when we celebrate love of all kinds, especially the kinds of love that weren't appreciated enough in the past. It's a month for people who like women, men, women and men, people who aren't sure, and even people who don't like either. So everyone, pretty much!It's about being who you want to be, in whatever way you like - whether that's a boy, a girl, or something completely different. Even PE teachers are welcome!

So - how should you celebrate? We know it's extra tricky if you're stuck at home, but remember:


So you can celebrate however you like!

1. Make some flags

Flags are a really big deal for Pride. The classic one is the rainbow flag, but people often add new colours or patterns to represent different types of people. Have a think whats important to you, and make it into a flag! You can also start off with an existing flag and change it up a bit. Are you Scottish and you really like sharks? There's a flag for that. Have you got an LGBT friend or relative who's TOTALLY AMAZING? There's a flag for that too!

2. Put on fancy dress!

If this lockdown thing wasn't happening, there'd be a loads of Pride events happening all round the world. We can't do that this year, but we can still dress up like we're at a Pride march! Don't forget - the most important thing is you feel comfortable in what you're wearing. If you want to wear a big feathery dress and a giant hat that's great - but if you'd rather wear a homemade slug costume or even your normal clothes then that's fine too!

3. Organise a Pride party!

Get some friends or family round (if you're allowed) or get them all on a Pride-themed video party. It can be just like a regular party with all the usual food and games and stuff - just more colourful! Use your imagination - and if you get stuck, just slap some more rainbows on things!

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4. Make some Pride snacks!

Try making some colourful cakes, jellies and snacks - or if you're brave enough: a full rainbow-coloured meal! Top tip: sprinkles make EVERYTHING rainbow coloured. Even cabbage soup. ย 

5. Do some Karaoke!

It wouldn't be a Pride party without music! And it also wouldn't be Pride without people singing LOUDLY. FOR HOURS. SOMETIMES NOT VERY WELL. ...The earache is all part of the fun though! Honest!