How to Draw a Fidget Spinner!

Here's how you can draw an awesome fidget spinner!

Step 1: Draw a circle in the middle

Are you ready? Then let's begin!

Grab your pencil and paper and be careful to leave enough room around it to draw the rest!

the middle of a fidget spinner

Step 2: Next draw 3 more larger circles around the middle circle

It's looks like a triangle made of circles at the moment.

Now your drawing is beginning to take shape, but it's not quite there yet – let's go to the third step!

the early stages of a fidget spinner

Step 3: In those circles, draw some more circles inside on another

They look a bit like targets or what a bird might see if it flew over three traffic cones surrounding an empty plate. Or a football

A forming fidget spinner

Step 4: Yep! You guessed it! More circles!!

Draw these ones around the ones from step 3 for a bit of added detail – remember to keep a steady hand!

more fidget spinner development

Step 5: Next connect the 3 large circles together with some curved lines

Basically, draw semi circles in the gaps between them #circles4ever

It's really starting to look like the greatest fidget spinner ever made – you're almost there!

Almost a fidget spinner now

Step 6: Tidy up a bit

Now, take an eraser and rub out the extra lines in the middle of the fidget spinner
(Don't worry if you've used pen – you can just colour over these lines in a couple of steps time instead)

Rubbing out lines on a drawing of a fidget spinner

Step 7: Add in motion lines

Draw some quick curved lines all around your drawing to make it look like your spinner is spinning!

Fidget Spinner line drawing

Step 8: Finally colour it in!

Now you can your favourite colours and any details you like to make it your own!

Your fidget spinner drawing is now complete – and looking particularly epic! Great work!

A black and red striped fidget spinner with the Bash Street Kids' Danny's skull logo in the centre

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