How to Draw Captain Underpants!

Excited for the Captain Underpants movie? Well, here's how you can draw the defender of all that is pre-shrunk and cottony!

Step 1 - Start with the head

Just a big old upside down U shape for his big bald head

Captain Underpants's head

Step 2 - Add in a face

Draw some simple dots for eyes and a good curly shape for the nose

Captain Underpants's head and eyes and nose

Then draw a sausage for the mouth and make it stripey for teeth

Captain Underpants's head with added mouth

Make his eyebrows look all heroic by drawing one straight and one curved. You can also add a mouth-brow to emphasise his smile.

Captain Underpants's head with eyebrows added

Don't forget a couple of circles either side for ears!

Captain Underpants's head with ears

Step 3 - Draw the cape

Add a circle and 2 wavy triangles to form a knot for starters

Captain Underpants's with the beginnings of a cape

Then moving out from that, draw a bunch of wavy lines to give a good cape shape!

Captain Underpants's head and cape

Step 4 - Add arms

Draw a couple of lines coming from under the cape with some sausage shaped fingers. Have fun trying out a few different powerful poses!

Captain Underpants's head, cape and arms

Step 5 - It's belly time!

Draw a big curved line for his good strong stomach! (Make sure to leave a little gap for the legs)

Captain Underpants with no legs or pants

Step 6 - Draw some legs

Add a couple of thick backwards L shapes to the bottom of the body. Draw some toes on the end with a little squiggle and a backwards C in the ankle.

Captain Underpants minus the pants

Step 7 - Give him some pants!

Add a waist band with a curved line around the body and then add extra details like the extra lines on the front and a dotted line of elastic along the top

Captain Underpants almost finished

Step 8 - Add dots!

Dot on some nipples and a belly button and then go wild with dots all over his cape for some lovely texture

Captain Underpants line artwork

Step 9 - Finally, colour him in!

You can also add some white lines along a few of the edges afterwards to give him that extra bit of super shine!

Captain Underpants

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